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Web Development Tools help to detect errors and test the website for smooth functionality and easy navigation.

Every Website has to be tested.A broken down or error prone website can cause major embarrasment which drives users and hurts reputations. There are many great tools for web development testing to prevent such mishaps. These tools test everything from CSS validation to website speed ensuring that users and customers have a pleasant error free experience with website.
WE list 7 important tools which are a must for any web developer.
Webgaol Solutions makes sure that all the websites designed and developed by our team have passed all these stringent tests so that there are no error issues with websites

WebSitePulse Test Tools

WebSitePulse Test Tools provides a series of quick and easy-to-use tests that graph out everything from website speed to link errors. It also provides numbers on file sizes, redirect speed, and DNS.This helps to check response time, file size, and links.

XenoCode Browser Sandbox

XenoCode Browser Sandbox is a series of virtual applications that can run all popular browsers simultaneously. It does not even require the installation of software. It is a boon for browser testings no developer can have every browser type on a single computer for proper testing. This will also check your webdesign compatibility on all browser.

Firebug Firefox Extension

Firebug is one of the best applications around for debugging issues with front-end code and CSS. Its even possible to change styles within the extension to see how a website will actually appear in the browser.

Load Impact

Load Impact simulates large userload on web servers to determine whether or not they can handle the high traffic load. Page loading time is considered in google algorithm for SEO purpose

Web Inspector

Web Inspectoris an Apple Safari feature which displays stylesheets, images, and scripts on any webpage. The most useful part of Web Inspector is its Network feature, which shows in real-time the order and speed in which documents and scripts transfer from the server to the browser. It can be used to find scripts, files, or images which are placing the most strain on browsers.

Web Developer Firefox Extension

Web Developer is a robust Firefox extension that no developer should be without when testing a website.It provides a wide range of tests, including testing for broken images, testing layouts in multiple screen sizes, viewing cookie information, and validating mark-up.

W3C Validation Services

W3C is THE standard in all of web validation. The W3C Validator looks into the markup of any website and display errors based on industry standards. Validated CSS/HTML easily crawalled by google bot(crawller) and help your site to rank better on google searches. Here are some of the most important validators:

These tools are designed to make websites as fast and bug-free as possible by detecting problems early. These tools also help in preparing the website for Search Engine Optimization.