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Joomla is primarily a free and open source blogging software with a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL . It is operated with a variety of plug-ins and themes.

Themes can be installed to alter look and functioning of the Joomla website without affecting the content and layout. They can be uploaded through FTP using the admin tools like Appearance.

Plugins allow functionalities beyond the default functions of Joomla. Joomla has more than 24,000 plugins which can integrate customized functions according to requirements of clients and their websites.This can range from SEO to navigation to content display.
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Widgets are minor applications which can be dragged and dropped for content management. Plugins often assist in implementation of widgets. Functions and features like form filling, archives and posts are handled using widgets in Joomla websites.

Finally Joomla is most popular blogging software as it is very easy to use to manage your website on any system without the hassle of html editor or FTP. It can be tailormade to specific customized requirements. Finally Joomla websites are favourites of Search Engines like Google as they are extremely SEO friendly.

Major Aspects of Joomla Blog

  • 100% compliant with W3C statutes
  • Trackback and Pingback standards fully supported by Joomla with cross blog tools
  • Comments can be left by visitors though blogging technology
  • User registration
  • Secure Password Protection
  • Importing and Exporting of Data
  • SEO Friendly URL
  • Default and efficient text formatting
  • Site Page Management

Webgoal Solutions has wide range of Joomla Blog Development services

  • Joomla Customised Themes
  • Integration of Joomla them with Blog
  • Need based Joomla widget and Plug-in installation
  • Customization as per the requirements of the client