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website development FAQ

FAQ to answer all your queries and doubts.We want to help you take the correct decision for website development which will enhance and grow your business.

icon What is difference between Static website and dynamic websites?

A static site is an informational site with pages related to information only. Ecommerce is an online selling site which markets products and services for sales.Dynamic website has interactive pages like forms,shopping cart,forum,search functions.

What is shopping cart?

This is an ecommerce application to select different products and buy them online paying for them by using Paypal,Credit Card or any other payment mode.

What is Payment Gateway? Is it Secure?

Payment Gateway is the ecommerce application which allows payment through credit card or paypal for onlines shopping in a secure environment.The transactions are completely secure as they are integrated with SSL encryption for a small annual fees.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is doing a series of addition and amendments to the website in order to make the website gain high ranking in google for vital keyword search.

How do I order a website?

Please fill in the web order form with all the details.We will commence the design and development of your website.

What is FREE Hosting for 1 year?

We don’t charge any Hosting fees for 1 year even though you get parking space and associated email.

What is CMS?

Short form for Content Management System which is an application to edit,delete and add contents to your website within the existing frame work.

How to I work on the CMS?

You will get a username and password.The CMS is very user friendly and you get free demo at our office to guide you to use the CMS

Can I edit the design and functionality of the website using CMS?

The contents like text and images can be edited.New Pages can be created or deleted but design changes or functionality editing or management is not possible

What about Hosting after the 1 year?

What is the time frame for a Webgoal Solutions? Normally it takes 6-8 weeks but actual time frame depends on the client response and some factors beyond our control.Though our aim is to complete the website within time frame but delays happen and are often beyond our control.

Why do delays happen during design and development of the website?

The main reason for delay are late response of client, rectifying of programming bugs,snag in integration of add ons, delay in DNS transfer for domain hosting ,testing of the completed website and removal of programming errors.

Can I upgrade a static website to a dynamic website without resdesign?

Yes you can upgrade your website at any time.Minor design changes are incorporated in web packages without any cost

How do I communicate with the designer and developer?

You can communicate with our graphic designers and programmers through email,phone,online chat or personal meetings.You will be given regular update of progression of the website in development stages

What are my rights regarding Intellectual Property?

We give you the sole ownership of source code, intellectual property, copyright ,ownership rights world wide.

What about additional costs?

Though we give an exact quote but there can be unforeseen expenses. But you would be informed of any extra costs incurred.We wont proceed until you are satisfied at the justification of extra costs and approve the cost.